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Optimal Fuel: The Program

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Your Bespoke Nutrition Solution.

Take your nutrition to the next level with a program that's tailored to your specific dreams & goals.

And it's simple.

How Does It Work?
After your purchase, you'll receive a PDF that contains a link to a form.

Fill that up honestly, and we'll churn out a bespoke program for you.

What will it contain?

Everything from a personalized meal plan to supermarket guides to specific solutions to conquer your goals.

I mean, it's already March. You've probably tried plenty of things to finally start eating healthier, and it's fine. It's really not your fault. It still amazes me how so much of the nutrition world is [redacted]. You've got professionals recommending canola oil consumption, and they're still out hear claiming eggs are bad. IN BIG 2023. It's a disgrace.

Why Did We Make This?
If you're new to this whole internet space & "alternative nutrition". I hate that term tbh, we're really just avoiding the modern poisons in our food supply. Anyway, I digress. Here at @TheWarKitchen, we've been talking about these issues for years now.

Seed oils (or vegetable oils as we called them in the past).. Artificial dyes. Iron-fortified foods. It took years to properly understand it all. Mistakes were made. Lessons were learned. But now, we want to spread the message even further.

Ever since Optimal Fuel was made in February ‘22, there has been countless DMs about specific meal plans, questions asking whether specific product x was okay, the various ways of meal prepping and very specific circumstances — from pilots who were struggling with their nutrition goals, to entrepreneurs travelling the world struggling for consistency.

While it was easy to reply to almost all of them back then, these days it’s getting difficult to respond to everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I still try my best to reply to every DM, but I just don’t have the time to come up with a concrete, full-fledged personalized solution.

Optimal Fuel: The Program solves this problem.

You’ll be able to get the answers you’ve always been looking for. Just like the quality of a bespoke suit is unmatched, the results you’ll get from a personalized program over a generic one is night & day.

What You'll be Getting:
❋ PDF with meal plan personalized to your needs, tastes & goals (calorie breakdown will be provided if you indicate you track your calories in the TypeForm)
❋ Supplementary techniques and exclusive tips on how to keep your meals tasty and healthy without getting bored
❋ Supermarket shopping cheatsheet

Bonus Material:
❋ Two lessons on Mindset & Sleep you get IMMEDIATELY after purchase. They will teach you the fundamentals of improving your sleep along with tips on how to best shift your mindset to achieve your goals. It teaches you very importantly how to apply intentional cognitive dissonance; how you can optimize your life without letting it become a crutch.

If you're not sure, or you want to figure it out yourself, that's not a problem at all. Check out our e-book "Optimal Fuel: Your Nutrition Playbook". It'll give you everything you need to know (what's healthy, what isn't) as well as techniques and recipes to help you cook healthier food that's tasty. It's not personalized to your needs, but many have found a tremendous use case for it. It was launched last year, and V2.0 came out earlier this year. You can get that here.

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You'll get a bespoke program containing custom meal plans, supermarket guides & specific tips to conquer your nutrition goals this 2023. All for just $339 and 7 minutes of your time.

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Optimal Fuel: The Program

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